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Roots: A Book of Life (Wurzeln - Ein Lebensbuch)

Leila Adjemi

Leila Adjemi
2012, approx. 260 pages; with a protective cover
ISBN 978-3-86351-034-3
Publisher: Klöpfer & Meyer
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With a foreword by Dr. Werner Faix, Berlin Grounding, rootedness, becoming aware and mature in spirit – in this book of life, 17 renowned authors of different professions help their readers experience greater happiness in life.

Burnout and depression are growing problems in our society, there is extremely high pressure to perform in almost all jobs, the work world is constantly changing and outpacing itself, and a sense of “restlessness and timelessness” is growing ever more quickly. These factors are driving this book’s intention – “being grounded, being rooted,” becoming “aware and mature in spirit” – ever more into the center of health concerns and treatment.

In this “impulse-giving” book of life, 17 renowned authors of different professions each have their say, coming from their own specific perspectives. The result is a handbook for helping life to truly take off.

With contributions from Leila Adjemi · Pia André · Michael André-Korbl · Dr. rer. nat. Susanne Beckmann · Rémi Denoix · Dr.-Ing. Gert Hinsenkamp · Dr. Thilo Hinterberger · Kathrin Knispel · Doris Merz · Elke Pfeiffer · Barbara E. Ries · Giles Rosbander · Walle Sayer · Stephan Teuber · Dr. Thomas Vogel · Elke Voltz.



Further information: You can meet many of the authors at the ROOTED conference (Kongress ROOTED) in July in Tubingen, Germany. The presentation of the book (Buchpräsentation) will take place on 25 March at 11 a.m. in the “Kelter” lounge in Tübingen. Elke Voltz will be singing.

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