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Collection of Topics for Conferences

  1. Topic: Mindfulness
    ... Further and further – faster and faster – more and more!!
    - And me??! The space between incentive, appeal and reaction...

  2. Topic: Change
    a) The art of change
    b) Humans and change

  3. Topic: Body Language
    a) Leadership meeting: »Appreciation in communication. Love your neighbor as yourself.«
    b) Showing respect and appreciation by posture
    c) Charisma and body language
    d) Having charisma and being authentic in business
    e) The power of charisma
    f) Charisma and body language – Please step forward!

  4. Topic: Cleaning »Burn Out« Away
    a) Strengthening strengths – Weakening weaknesses – »I am my own coach!”
    b) Mind training
    c) Stress management

  5. Topic: Roots (see also: www.rooted-tuebingen.de)
    a) Security and insecurity
    b) Freedom and foundations
    c) Home (the outside reflects what is inside)
    d) Transcending fear
    e) Activating resources

  6. Topic: Heartbeat
    a) What is my heart saying?
    b) The heart’s wisdom and guidance
    c) Smiling inside
    d) My presence and being conscious and confident
    e) Taking care of yourself...
    f) Everyday frustration and tolerance

    All these topics can also be booked as programs specifically for women!

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