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Company Seminar

The Art of Change

Changes shape both our personal and professional daily lives. In this day and age, all difficult situations are characterized by two decisive factors:

Speed, i.e., a fast pace, and complexity at the same time!

This fact alone drives many into a condition of insecurity. The tendency to no longer have everything »under control« increases almost daily. For this reason we are more dependent than ever before on activating ALL of our resources so that we can keep up with this pace. Among these resources are the right hemisphere of the brain, which helps us find creative solutions, and our entire bodies and our connection with our unconscious, i.e., our inner wisdom and direction. In our active daily consciousness we only use 25% of our consciousness if even that!

The connection to our inner »wisdom« can be trained, allowing us to cope with change and complex situations much more simply. People can best solve difficult tasks when they are highly concentrated and calm. When the decisive moment comes, only people who are relaxed are able to pause to take full advantage of the opportunities for development that every change brings. By training both body and mind this condition this state becomes possible for us, for we do not have any influence on external conditions – but we do all the more on the internal ones!

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