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Presenting Oneself in a Stress-Free Way

Dealing at all with the issue of how to present oneself in a stress-free way is based on the thesis that a human being is a self-regulating »system«.

This mechanism is overly stressed and blocked by overly one-sided and cognitive thinking, causing reduced productivity and in the worst case chronic health issues (e.g., backaches and headaches...) and burnout.

In this day and age, all difficult situations are characterized by two decisive factors: A fast pace and complexity at the same time!

Reason alone is no longer capable of handling both of these, which is why we are more dependent than ever before on activating ALL of our resources so that we can keep up with this pace. Among these resources are the right hemisphere of the brain, which helps us find creative solutions, and our entire bodies.

Using the latest technology, based on the most recent results of neuroscience, within a very short time we can give our entire »system« relief and support. This offers the best conditions for performing effectively and stress-free!

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