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Seminar mit Leila AdjemiCharisma and Body Language

»If you are afraid of losing, you cannot win.«
(Björn Borg)

As a coach, Leila Adjemi teaches in her trainings and seminars how anyone can get in tune with their own body language. This proves to be a springboard for effectively presenting oneself in any kind of environment. This is an extensive topic.

Today more than ever before employees sense that expertise alone is not enough to be successful. How can people manage to get along together in harmony? The first impression and being likeable are often decisive for communicating effectively and thus also for speaking with colleagues and customers in a productive way. Getting in touch with my body language does not mean concentrating on how I move or what I should do or not do. Rather, it is a process of becoming clear about which messages I would like to send.

»One cannot not communicate!«
(P. Watzlawick)

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