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Open Annual Course

The annual course for 2015/ 2016 is offered in 7 modules for: managers, teachers, educators, social workers, therapists, doctors and others who are interested

What do managers, teachers, educators, therapists and doctors all have in common? They are alone, they have significant responsibility for projects and personal, that is, responsibility for people, they are all part of the top risk group for burn out, they are constantly misused as projection screens, they do multiple jobs at the same time, they are role models, they tend to push themselves beyond their limits and are still supposed to stay human and retain composure?! Why are there so many modules for one topic? Just like verbal communication, non-verbal communication is also a complex matter. So that this complexity might be grasped as quickly as possible, this course is divided up into the following topical areas:

  1. Module: Body Language I - 03/04 October 2015

    Where does body language come from?
    Why do body language and presence play such an important role?
    How one is perceived by oneself and by others
    Body language dos and dont's

  2. Module: Emotional Intelligence - 05/06 December 2015

    Trainer input in accord with D. Goleman’s model
    Difference between IQ and EQ
    Recognizing and categorizing your own emotions
    Influencing emotions
    De-coding typical emotional behavior patterns
    Feeling and conveying empathy in everyday life?
    Dealing with motivation and frustration

  3. Module: Stress Management I - 20/21 February 2016

    Exposing factors that cause stress
    Reducing the effects of unwanted forces
    Mindfulness mediation
    Improving performance by training mind and body
    Removing mental blockades
    Developing a personal stress-reduction program

  4. Module: Body Language II - 23/24 April 2016

    First and last impression
    Factors that influence body language
    Optimizing how one presents oneself

  5. Module: Humans and Change - 25/26 June 2016

    Coach input: Phases of change
    Love it, change it or leave it – if only it was always that simple
    What makes change easier / more difficult
    Motivation in the context of change processes
    Where is solid ground in the chaos of change processes?

  6. Module: Stress Management II - 06/05 August 2016

    Breaking out of autopilot mode
    Finding and radiating peace in the midst of chaos
    Developing a personal stress-reduction program
    Being aware while going through the day

  7. Module: Body Language III - 22/23 October 2016

    Application in everyday life
    Short presentations or speeches (or the like, in line with one’s personal everyday life)
    Video feedback (only if needed))

Exercises for individuals and groups
Artistic media
Discussion units
Input from the trainer
Movement and dance exercises
Mindfulness meditation
Perception exercises
Feedback from the trainer and the group
Video feedback (if desired)

4,250 euros
Reduced price for early birds until 30 May: 4,000 euros
It is also possible to pay by installments

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